August 24th, 2010

What am I doing at The British Science Festival?

It’s getting close to The British Science Festival and It’s a Geek’s World now, so I wanted to tell you a bit about what I am going to be doing there.

During the day I will be running a workshop for people wanting to build a Beat Box:

It’s a really fun and flexible project, so I hope you can join me to build one.

If you like the look of it and want to register to attend, please go to the It’s a Geek’s World website, click the register link at the top and register, and then select to come on the event. Payment of £20 to cover the kit cost will be taken on the day, before the workshop commences. If you experience any problems with this (admittedly slightly arduous) process please email me and I will try to help. Once registered on the site you can also select other workshops and events to attend.

Speaking of other events, as the festival finale I will be delivering my debut midi-octopus performance. I can’t deny that there is still plenty left to sort but I really like the results I am getting so far. I will post any images and videos I can to whet your appetite, in due course.

Hope to see you there!

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