March 8th, 2010

Me and fizzPOP

Yesterday I popped along to The Edge (Friction Arts space) to the fizzPOP workshop with Mitch Altman and friends – more on the session here. I got down there to catch the end of the making, followed by some banter and a meal at Café Soya.

I’ve been aware of Nikki from fizzPOP for a while and I got in touch with her a few weeks back to find out more about what she and Antonio do at fizzPOP. Through this initial contact I am now helping out with organising a few bits, such as the forthcoming “Theremin Day”. Until yesterday, I had only ever read about hackerspaces, despite briefly contemplating starting one in Worcester, but the reality was even more vibrant and inspiring than I had expected. Having met and spent time with Mitch Altman and Jimmy Rogers, at the 2009 Make Faire, I knew they were going to be inspirational, despite the jetlag, but what was even more inspiring was the diversity and enthusiasm of the people who attended the event. Yes, I love geeky conversations, and I had a few good ones, but things went much deeper than that. The chap making stuff with his two kids was ace, the sink-side discussion with the Sandra from Friction Arts was great, the chats about music and technology were inspiring, the view from the roof of Friction Arts was mad, and the offer to programme an evening event to end the British Science Festival was just amazing!

It’s a shame more people who could help keep fizzPOP going didn’t make it down. The event was a great advert for what they get up to and why it’s important, not to mention for the commitment and enthusiasm of Nikki & Antonio. Big ups!

That is why there is a “Me and fizzPOP”. Long may it last…

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